“A majority of Americans support ‘Assault Weapons’ Bans”

No, they don’t. This October 2018 Gallup poll found that 57% of Americans oppose banning “assault weapons” while 40% favor the ban.  Support has fallen 20% since Gallup first asked this question in 1996 and found that 57% supported it at that time.  61% opposed in 2016. The closest the support came in recent years was directly after the Las Vegas Route 91 incident when 48% supported but 49% were still opposed – only a one-point margin. But as support grows after each incident, it returns to trends overall, which is that support for these bans continues to fall.  Obviously the support is greater among Democrats and smaller among Republicans, currently at 56% vs 25%. What is notable is the independents: they will decide this issue, and support is currently at 38% among independents.