“NRA has proposed no solutions.”

Wrong. In fact, the NRA has proposed the only solutions which work:

  1. Hardening the target: why don’t mass shootings occur at police stations? A third-grader knows this answer: the potential ‘victims’ are armed and would shoot back.  The NRA has long advocated against “Gun-free zones” which the murderers obviously don’t respect and which only leave potential victims unable to defend themselves. Mass murderers specifically choose these places as they provide the best opportunity for them to “score” the highest victim count without being opposed.
  2. Fix the broken mental health system.
  3. Enforce the federal gun laws against every drug dealer and criminal gang member on the street to stop them before they get to their next victim.
  4. Immediately prosecute dangerous people when they show up to buy a gun.
  5. And once and for all, heed the call that has gone unanswered for 25 years: Force every state to submit the name of every last prohibited person into the background check system.